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SPB Planter for Garden (4 Inch, Green) | Planter for Home


4″ Fab-Planter with Tray, Changeable Fabric Sleeve – 1Pc

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4″ Natural SPB Planter – Bulk | Minimum Order 100 Nos

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SPB Project: Silica plastic block technology is a connector of conscious minds who wish to take that one active step towards addressing pollution from plastic and waste sand or dust from foundries.

Components: The package consists of Planters produced with SPB technology. The planter height x dia is 4″ x 4″.

Usage: The planters are ideal for office/balcony / indoor plants.
A handy gift at events and functions, presenting an environmentally friendly product with a plant.

Material: SPB Planters are made with 100% wasted resources: 30-50% waste plastic & 50-70% industry discard which are Eco-Friendly Quality Products.

Environment Impact: They are consuming mixed, in particular low value plastic such as MLP (Wrappers). Each 100 grams of material has about 15 plastic bags. Every planter weighing about 400 grams is preventing 60 plastic bags from landfill, and 250 grams of dust from flying in the air.

Handling: These SPB Planters are light and easy to handle. Easy to transport due to their durability and unbreakable characteristics in normal usage.

Quality: The planters are produced with hydraulic compression to give consistent strength and texture. These products are made one piece at a time and the unique textures, and slight variations represent their character.

Property: SPB Planters are Water Resistant, Durable, and High Strength. They are recyclable at all SPB centers.


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